Simply about me

Here I am!!!


First of all, you need to know me faithfully :D. I know, you might think that I am the most handsome person amongst them, right. I really am :D.  This picture was taken after taking the final exam in getting master degree in USA. Don’t you see I have a big smile in that picture? My advisors admitted that as well. Come on! How could you smile when you know you have a final exam? Not only smiling that I show to all people, in the night after the exam, I could sleep soundly.


Again, This is me when I found my self in the edge of my singleness. Undoubtedly, I got married in the age when I am supposed to get my second baby, but if people ask me why I got married so late, I will tell, ” That is good to be married even late, rather people are still single”. Surely, this is the day when my feeling could not be expressed in a word. I was the happiest person in the world. Finally, I found my sweet heart who will sticks forever with me. Regardless of what I had felt, I like this wedding ceremony, and the culture of Aceh is so deeply strong that is coated up in my outfit.



This is my family-missing my late mother and the family of my second sister. Whatever you said, family is coming first than anything in this world. Family is sometimes about togetherness, conflict, loving, helping, or even miss. I don’t only love them by heart, but I am able to taste and feel them in my heart all the time.



Since I got camera 3 years ago. Lots of my snapshot centered to the sceneries than people. Unfortunately, I am not really obsessed with taking pictures. As I find my self in a good mood taking a picture, It enables me to spend the whole day just to take pictures. I wish I could be a photographer sometimes.



People might think what the heck did I took with this snapshot. Again, besides sceneries, I would like to take some, I call, unique pictures. Even the pix is merely a shoe, but the pix explain a bunch of meaning to me. This is what I call art. Art is not only about the beauty, but when you something by art you can take a garbage into a value.



Sorry, this picture seems showing the narcissistic of me, but actually the purposes of this picture is I want to show to people that I like red and black. It doesn’t mean my wardrobe consists of the whole red and black. I just like it, seem so bright and wild. I don’t know whether this coincidence or not, my email also come with “”. There are two words black and red in my email account. I don’t know in which come first, my email or my preference of color, but what I can say that red and black is just super cool.


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