Why writing?

Knowing how to write and express my true self in a blank paper just came up as I was in USA for getting my master degree. Honestly to say, I am totally sick of writing at the first time. I did not write as much as I am now except paper assignments from lecturers or the final project as a requirement of bachelor degree. Besides of that I swear to god, I was totally allergic on writing.

But, that was completely changing, when…

In the first month in USA, I bumped into a remarkable world that looked entirely distinct than I used to. America brought and enthralled me with a bunch of adventures, panoramas, experiences, friends, happiness, loneliness, and sadness. One day, I remembered as I said to my self that these experiences might not have come twice.  It all would disappear when I was going home one day to Indonesia. Without writing these memories, all my experiences would not be sweet for sure, nothing left inside.

Since that time, I choose to express my feelings, journeys, and a brief sojourn in America by writing anything I saw, I felt, I tasted, I experienced, and I listened. I, indeed, knew this writing truly became a memento in one day when I read all those intriguing stories.

To start off was not like you were flipping over your hands, it was exceedingly tough at the first time due to my blanked ideas and un-habituated circumstances. However, I would keep doing that because I trust it will be sweet one day. Moreover, to bring all becomes a true memory, eventually I bought a camera as well to snap anything I saw.

Nia Robie, or Nihaw, a girl from Bogor, who just got married with a husband of Acehnese ethnic, where is currently living in Banda Aceh, turned out to be the only buddy who I talked about my curiosity and interest in writing. She gave me lots of advices and ideas how to write; the most common suggestion was “to be a writer you got to write”. Eventually, I just realized that the more I write, the more I learn. The more I learn the more I know how to write because while writing I might have been a chance to decide what I want to write, such as theme, topic, the ideas, feelings, emotions, settings. I set everything up by myself. From there I just learned much.

“Practice makes perfect” this expression is just perfectly right.

I found a wonderful quote in the book of The Freedom Writer Diary, written by Erin Gruwell  “I started writing my own diary before the war in Bosnia because I wanted to have a place to record my childhood and create something that I could look back, cry, and reminisce. I wanted to see myself grow through my writing”. That was a foreword from Zlata Fillipovic, a victim of the cruelest regime of Nazi in Holocaust tragedy, in this novel. That quote just inspires me to think about this life again, how precious this life is. 

Life with all everything in it always conveys two sides for us- happiness and sadness.  By writing we able to look back what occurred with us in the last couple days, in the last couple months, or in the last couple years.  As we looked back we just realized how strong we were, and how wonderful we really were.  We really had ever been mad, hate, angry, resentful, content, smiley, resilient, succeeded, flunked out. We truly crafted the lives more gorgeous and colorful than a rainbow. Our lives were just totally stunning. From those, we just discovered the true meaning of lives. That is what we call a real life.

Additionally, in one email, I got the sentence like this “All the writers will be dying.  Only their opuses and writings will be everlasting. Write anything that make you happy in the heaven”. Again, that sentence urges me to write more and more about anything. People might read our writing, and they will be getting some inspiration of our writing. Like, what I read about Psycho-cybernetics, which is a book self image that is totally inspiring.

For me writing is to recollect a single piece of hope of this life we have ever been through. The past urged us to live in different ways for the future based on what we got on the past. Life is a pile of past histories. Don’t you think when we write; we just review again our lives. Don’t you think when we write just learn anything wrong in the past? Don’t you think, by writing we just know how to grow. Don’t you think when we write; we just found ourselves very special and lucky person in the world.

I never stop to write dude…


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