Being a punctual culture?

I have learnt that being on time is just a cultural stuff.  Being so tough to alter if that firmly ingrain or implant in our live. Some experiences said that the quality life of people can be seen how punctual he is in appreciating in every stage of his life. Punctual individual will be reverent their live and will do better for every act he does due to the fact that the transient life is once. Do the best for this life!

I literally detest of people who are not showing of their punctuality in their lives because indirectly he /she has ruined everybody life with his unpunctual time. The culture of appreciating toward  “time” is a culture where people might be appreciating  the world is as a boon and a gift. The developed countries like American and other countries in Europe have put this culture of their life style. They have built this culture from little.

I just found another exacerbation as I taught students where I have to wait them for 30 minutes. What a world! As usual, the campus will not be so much going on in the first week of early semester. The fully active classes will be in the second week so that mostly students might not be showing off of the class. I just do not understand where this rule is coming from.

This culture has ingrained so deeply in Aceh culture where being on time seems impossible. How could we move from our comfort zone as a developing country into a developed country where our acts are not developing at all.


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