This is what we call a discrimination!!!

I got somewhat annoyed as some people are still putting so much discriminations toward others. Honestly, I might say this is not only really annoyed, but also can be called arrogant. I don’t really think we are still living of a big gap due to status, races, intelligences, positions, or whatever we name it.

Come on! This is not about how smart or stupid you are, but this is really about how you, literally, appreciate and show some respects for others. This is not about how much money you earn but this is about how you take some of yours to give for others. This is not about where you live, but this is about how you never put aside of unlucky people in your life. This is not about position you hold, but this is about how you take responsibility of your jobs to help others.

Discriminating is just an action that could be a gap, limit or restriction that display the immense differences of others. We frequently see people and differentiate them just because of all differences we have. Dude, we are different due to the fact that we are a unique creature. What you have is not what I don’t have, vice versa. These all kind of differences not to underrate others or to put them away in our lives, but how we make living together to build a better future.

This is as simple as it is, when you discriminate or undervalue others due to their intelligences, it really does not show they quality of the people that you have discriminated, but this is all back to you. This is a natural law. You give smile, you might get smile. You send the freaking negative thoughts. You might get that kinda thoughts back to you. The quality of the life it can be seen how we appreciate others and put all people on the same page, not place them away because their status.

All people have a heart to feel, have a brain to think. Discriminating is merely adding the scars in somebody’s heart, which are scars that cannot be healed or even cured. In addition, the act of discrimination literally is adding some more disappointment, losing hopes, or even conflicts.


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