Educational System of Indonesia: Teachers’ Issues

For developing country like Indonesia, education is still something that needs to be fixed and reviewed. From the past till today, Indonesia’s education coat with dilemma. Although the government has worked around the clock to find the best educational system for Indonesia, the education seems far away to be better.  What is wrong with us?

For some countries, to upsurge the economic growth, they obviously fortify education because education and economy will work simultaneously. It is precisely a time for Indonesia. We need relearn profoundly from other countries in terms of making the excellent education. Malaysia and Singapore will be the best example of how they turn out from the dark and bleak world to the bright and promising future in terms of education.

Singapore got the independence around 1965 and later they have a superb educational system. In early its independence, merely 2 million of Singaporean were totally unskilled and illiterate. But they did not lament over their stupidity and weakness perpetually. In 1970 the government provided an opportunity for all people to access education, especially in underprivileged or poor people. Their struggling and efforts succeeded them eventually. Similarly, Malaysia has been working so hard to change up their education toward the best education they have ever had.  From the past they did not have the best quality teacher, which that needs to be exported from Indonesia. Now, they have more than enough.

If others can, why we cannot? What is wrong with our educational system? Is Indonesia too big to be in charge entirely by government? To blame of our second-rate education, we just need to see the educational system lately used by government to regulate Indonesia’s education. In addition, we cannot blame one side to this condition. People might say, government is totally wrong in charging of the whole educational system, but all people have responsibility in monitoring the education.

We might hear that America has the top-notch education in the world, but the reality has shown they cannot persistently retain its education. PISA (Program for International Assessment Test) ranked it in 24th of the quality of education in the world. Who is the first rank? Undoubtedly, Finland sat in the first rank in which hold the best education in the world.

How Finland, Singapore, Malaysia, America, and other super power countries have the best education in the world? What is the potion and strategy of their education? Are curriculums, teachers, systems, good facilities, or enough budgets to be a key for the victory of  their education?  The answer can be one of them. What I read from different sources that those countries have the best teacher in the world. Teacher become a prestigious job for them and become a top choice form other jobs.

Teaching is a highly respected and well-compensated profession for the country like Finland and Singapore.  In those countries, teachers require master degree, and need to be trained professionally before they send out to the schools. Therefore, teachers can be as though a chief commander in the war.

Having professional, trained, loyal, creative, innovative, and critical teachers for one school, the schools are quite fortunate because those human resources are able to adapt and adjust in any kind of circumstances. No matter what curriculum has been applied, no matter what condition in the class is, and no matter how bad their students are, no matter bad educational systems are, the teachers are likely able to cope with them appropriately and professionally.

No blaming of students because students come up to the class with countless of problems and characters. As a good teacher, we are not only teaching and delivering materials for them but we need to know their personality, IQ, character, and culture. In this way, we just know and educate them not only intelligently but also psychologically.

Dangerous Minds and Freedom Writer were a two-filmed that has a same theme, which were teachers taught and educated “at risk” students. The films just bolster me about how powerful and “deadly” of teachers in controlling students in the class is. Initially, the teacher in both film hardly handled their abnormal students– drug dealers, homeless, aggressive, murderer, or gang members. Eventually, in the end of the movie, those “at risk” students got succeeded.

For the last several years, government has assigned of certification for teachers. The chief reason of certification obviously is to boost and develop of the education by doubling the salary and adds up some hours for teachers to maximize their teaching-hours in schools. But, the certification is just an external element that can be existed for some amount of time. In the reality, certification cannot assist much for students, but, all issues apparently rely on how teachers perform their self-esteem or confidence to forty their personalities in order to teach nonetheless.

Unfortunately, system in recruiting teachers is far beyond what we expect. Schools may not be able to recruit of teachers on their own. Government takes care of themselves on recruiting teachers by taking only a written test. Unlikely, recruiting teachers without interview, where we do not know whether some are qualified or not being a teacher, make our educational system even worse. The recruitment processes are totally not based up competence and performance.  If people do not qualified in charge the class. How the class would be?

Educators at least must understand that the millennia generation or generation Y turn out to be the next generation who might have chance to swift our task and responsibility in the future. If teachers teach garbage, we definitely have a garbage generation. We teach in creative way. We have creative students in the world. We teach critically, innovatively, we definitely create the best students in the world. They teach the most unique creature in the world.

Teachers are deadly weapon. To have the best education and generation, we need start off from them.


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