The utilization of technology

Undoubtedly, Technology tends to be created as a tool for entertainment for people in society, but we get hooked on it and ignored how to improve the utilization of technology in our life and maximize it. What I mostly found in the society is people, including me, are unable to transform the technology toward something that is more useful. For example, we might be heard that You tube as a media for people watching and sharing visually, but how to use You tube to be a tool for learning can be a good idea for teachers.

We are shackled and trapped in our own mind that to be creative and innovative might be so hard and need a difficult effort to achieve it. Technology is not only for entertainment but also can be used for a device in learning. For example, iPod is not only can use to listen the music, but most of universities have made a podcast for lecture series so that the students who miss the information in the class might use the podcast and listen via iPod. Plus, the students are able to listen anytime and anywhere.

This can be a good lesson to me as I taught the students. I don’t want to be caught in a classic style of teaching, where I only use traditional (face to face) technique to teach my students. It can be true that the traditional style is evidently true being an effective way to teach the students in the class, but I adore using some varieties of styles to teach the students. To dodge the monotonously way of teaching might be the first reason I choose some assorted method to teach. Plus, teachers or lecturers need to be a creative educator not only to be able to teach but also to be able to think resourcefully. Those methods can be using Facebook for discussion, email for keeping in touch with students, or using a text to send information for them, and using Tweeter to get updated of information, also You tube to watch some assorted video from any sources.

What I want to emphasize here is we might have a bunch of tool for learning. The classic method is not an effective way anymore to transfer knowledge, but when teachers or lecturers use any other ways to teach I definitely believe that learning can be fun and enjoyable.


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