The lecturers of mine in the final-oral-exam!

Should be three of them who tested me in that day, but one of them could not make it due to her business and another errand, but she ultimately could make it by phone.

I was shocked as seeing this pix at the first time. I was the tallest and the biggest among them. I thought I was not really that big and tall. Despite of my physical observation, I felt relieved and happy afterward, and one of my lecturer said I actually had a “big smile” when they were congratulating me after the exam, which was a smile that indicated I was drowned in a deep happiness and satisfaction.


The left is my academic adviser and being the chief of my final oral test. She is actually the best lecturer that I have ever had during studying in US. I am not able to write all of her kindness in here. And the right one is my favorite lecture, and I could not imagine I have taken three classes of her. Despite of her professionalism in teaching, she is so respectful and so understanding of others.

Love to know them all.


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