Life is to be continued…

This writing came out as a result of one of my friend’s status on FB. She asserted that every day is a blessing. No matter where you are, no matter where you work, no matter where you live, no matter how much money you have. Regardless of what you have gotten in your lives, you are living replete with a bunch of thankfulness. Therefore, no reason at all as human beings, a highly chosen creature in the universe, obliged to establish our thankful awareness in every single time in order to be remembrance of what we have gotten throughout our lives. We are not supposed to wait until the god gives us with a cluster of successes and then we are saying thankful.  Thankful ideally has to be practiced and repeated.

As you open your eyes in every morning, have you ever thought about some people who have spent their lives in blindness, have you ever thought people who spent their times living in terrors and trepidations, have you ever thought there are some people who are living in the road, with the wind  has stabbed their bodies, the cold has ever killed them, and the crime has spied them in every corner of their lives , and have you ever thought you are still alive, which means you still have many things to do in this universe, including to remember how to repent to the god due to of our immersive sins.

I definitely believe most likely of us have not ever had that kind of thoughts once the eyes open in every morning. If we have an opportunity to envision toward what has happened in our surroundings, we might have said mercifully and thankfully over and over again to god due to the fact that we have such a wonderful world, where we live in a cluster of happiness and luckiness.

When you step out of your home toward your works or your school, which is the best time to muse, contemplate, and think over of yours job and your activities. As you walk in to your office or your school routinely, and at the same time, some people are still fighting to get a job. You might not have been aware that as you walk to your school with lots of stressed out of your homework, there are innumerable people out there are wanting badly to get education, and those people have been restricted of destiny, poverty, and chance to have education. In addition, you might sometimes to resign of your job due to the fact that you have some conflicts with your partners or your boss, or you might feel bored with routine job. The consciousness of thankfulness. Previously, before getting the job, you asked god badly, you might have promised to god to do what ever He wanted to give you a job. Now, you might think you are truly depressed, just because you might not find your comfort life in your job. At the same time, people from everywhere are still struggling and fighting to find the the job because they might have a family that they need to give a basic need. There are people that you might know who are doing a bribery to get a job. These circumstances have to be a muse for us that Allah has given everything that we need.

When your day are fully of exhausted due to your works around the clock, and then you go home meet your wife, husband, kids, and other families. You are able to lay down on the bed to release your tiring, or you might be able to laugh and relax with your families. You might not know that you already have a “heaven”.  A paradise that others people do not have. At the same time, there are innumerable homeless who live in the street. There some family whose a house has been burned or a house has been destroyed by disaster.

Life is such a wonderful step for us to learn how to thank to the creator of this life. It all starts from the small.


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