We are livin’ in a choice

The understanding of the existences of human beings that they have been chosen by god could have been a turning point to be a better god’s creature in this universe. We have been chosen by god to be born in the perfect condition, to be born to be a caliph and a leader for themselves or for everybody. It starts off in the beginning of the life; we have ever heard from our biological teachers said that, sperms with consisting of million, fight to get into ovum and ultimately has been chosen “us” in that fight. Don’t we think? We have been chosen from Allah in that fight to be better human beings that spread out the righteousness amongst all creatures in this globe. We are special and very unique; we, however, never realize it. When our lives have been chosen by god, we have to choose our lives in order to live on behalf of Allah.The cluster of choices of Allah that has given to human beings designates that how powerful and bountiful Allah is, with lots of options that scatter throughout the world. Human beings have been giving those chances to choose. We are responsible to choose, either good or bad, small or long, fat or thin, morning or night.

Live is about a choice. The choice that we choose will be the part of our lives. We have to understand that the choices should have been definitely based on your own instinct, your intention, and you preferences. Because you are living with your own destiny, effort, and hope; people around you might even underrate about your choices, but they are unable to change and determine about your choices and futures. Choose because you like, not because others like, and you have the right toward whatsoever choices you have chosen. Because everybody has the right to choose it does not have a space for everybody to tease, to mock, to insult, and even to complaint for everybody’s choices.

Be happy toward you choices,


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