Permias, College Station

PERMIAS is an abbreviation of Persatuan Mahasiswa Indonesia Amerika Serikat, which is in English can be simply translated as Organization of Indonesian Students in America. Don’t ever ask me about the history of something just as with this Permias organization. If you guys want to know more about Permias, you might hang around in Mbah Google with voluminous information on in. Talking more about Permias, in every state or in particularly in every university in America has at least few students of Indonesia who study there. The number of Indonesian students turn out to be huge in every year due to the increasing of students in every year. That is why Indonesian have one organization to handle with these kind of people, or It is better to say as a home for people who really miss about Indonesia. We are pretty much speak Bahasa, make a joke, cook Indonesian food, which all American consider the best food in the world, watch movies, and occasionally have sport collectively.
College Station in Texas has a wonderful history record which held in the best Permias in Texas. Texas A& M University sits in a six rank which holding the most dense students in America with having a new record nearly 50.120 students. From surrounded with innumerable students, there are some of Indonesian students that coming from different races, diverse in backgrounds, and assorted places spend their time to reach their goals here in Texas A& M University. Even though we are living in small town, we actually have roughly 100 Indonesian students, by my own estimation. My own estimation sometimes could be wrong because unknowingly there are lots of Indonesian students or workers who live in College Station, and most of them cannot be detected due to the fact that most of them are living in scattering.
I have been working as a member in Permias for two years. In the first year, I was being responsible as a treasurer, but it was just a name or label in a paper. In the reality I was not participating at all to handle about the money. Moreover, in the second year being a committee of Permias, I was participating as a vice president of Permias. In that year, we were not doing so many activities, but some annual events such as Big Event, the university helps people in College Station as a symbol of gratitude to people out there, and Brazos Valley, a promotion of culture from all over the worlds, are still continuing every year. More than that we are so much empty, in a vacuum, and being more selfish with our own schedule of schools.
Sometimes, I am tired of hearing people started talking about our activities in that year. It seemed already died and not doing something to promote the culture of Indonesia. As always, people merely were able to talk, not having, however, their sympathies and actions to help us out. But, that year, especially last year, 2010 and 2011, I personally was feeling doing so great in that organization. Even thought I knew we should have done better in the future with different act, promotion, and activities to attract people around the world, American students in particular.
Precisely, September 3, 2011. Permias made a selection of new candidates of becoming a new president. After passing through a hard debate, ultimately, this time has two presidencies, where Ryan and Taufic, as the fact they are a roommate, and also being two presidencies of Permias. How could that happen? I do not know for sure. The other members of Permias also concurred with that decision and hoped with that decision to have a good presidency in building a bridge amongst Indonesian students and Indonesian students with other International students to work collectively and to promote the culture of Indonesian.
I should tell that and not attempt to be rude. My observation from last year, there are two groups of Indonesian people in here. One from is indigenous Indonesia people, and others are from Indonesian-Chinese descendants. I saw there were so many restrictions to both of this people so that each group is not really want to intermingle with each other. Again, I don’t know whose groups should have been blamed in this circumstance. Hopefully, no racism was born from this circumstance.
Today, September 10, 2011. Permias with the new president made a sudden pot luck,a meal in which everyone who is invited brings something to eat. Taufik said he initiated to do that due to the fact that Malaysia has made the same event, which was a welcoming party with new students in College Station. The conflict between Indonesian and Malaysian students has spread out to US so that each of this groups student always want to make something differences. we, however, made it through successfully with lots of people coming by to taste of the first Indonesian gathering. Initially, I, taufik, and ryan were kind of afraid of people who would come to that small gathering. However, we were already determined, we have to make it whether people would come or not. With small budgets, we are three bought stuff to cook, such as chicken to make a sate, corn, potatoes, pickles (acar), and never forgotten in every event- chips. Also, with people come and bring their own food to share to people in that congregation.
At 2 pm on September 10, I was helping Taufik to stick meat in skewer to make a bunch of Sate. It was consuming lots of time to do that. However, a day beforefand, the chicken that ready to make a sate should have been marinated into garlic, coriander, and soy bean or ketchup. The reason to marinate the chicken with those condiments is to help chicken absorbing the meat and the taste would turn out the best of the best. Also, we grilled lots of potatoes with using aluminum foils, fish, and corn.
I was surprised with people who came by in that small gathering. We merely predicted only 15 people who came, but there were roughly 30 people who have fun in that event. We are pretty much happy for that. Not just only of people who come but also the food that we provided to guest are really beautiful and delicious. In a nutshell, we have so much fun by knowing new students and tie a firm silaturahmi with other Indonesian students.

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