Ramadan 2011 in USA

Ramadan is a month where all people choose to gather with their families to celebrate shaum. Tradition, which is in Aceh mostly we can see, is so strong that can be shown where two days before and two days at the end of Ramadan people are busy shopping, mostly meet and chicken that have been cooked with using vinegar (daging cuka) or rendang, which is known as Meugang. Not eating what people are expecting, but the traditions and values of those days are more important rather than anything else.

The circumstance of what I told in the front becomes a reason why every person, no matter where they are, always wants to fast, at least in the beginning week of the Ramadan and also in the first day celebration of Idul Fitri, and to  spend collectively their days with their beloved families. For those who are not living in their families or very impossible to join with their families for celebrating Ramadan and Idul Fitri due to jobs or studying abroad might feel deep sorrow and have profound emotional connection with families in those days. That was what I really felt in the last Ramadan in America.

This Ramadan (1432 or 2011) became the third Ramadan I was not being with family. To be honest, I could not have been hiding the sadness when the Takbiran  was  boomed out  from You Tube. In addition, that Takbiran has goose-bumped me out, and the tear slowly came down to the earth because I always celebrate those days with family.  I wish I could be there with them, however, it was not easy to say. Ultimately, as human being, we are able to expect but not to do. Everything has a time, and a person who can wait ‘till the exact time, Allah will be giving them the best of the best of their lives.


3 thoughts on “Ramadan 2011 in USA

  1. hahaha, after read your post about Fall Semester, I want to read this post too.. i have eat the “Daging Cuka” and when i know the reciept its make me like “panic at the disco” hahah but the meet is very softly and Nyamiiee sir, When you will be back to aceh for kopdar hahaha .. Kopdar With Daging Cuka or Mie Aceh :D..

  2. Hey ma man, how are you. It has been so long not talk and chat with you. Insya Allah in the next few monts I will be in Band Aceh. We have to do a Kopdar. Remember. dont make a Kopdar without me 😀

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