9 July, 2011

Time has dragged me out to the point where my patience is expired. Sitting alone in living room with one laptop in front of me and other silent friends make my days even worse. I am kinda tired of telling to everybody of my routine days; the assignment has killed my self bad, again reading tasks and journal analysis seem endless. I try not to complain in this circumstance all the time, but sometimes I am really exhausted to all what I have been through. Ultimately, I learned that patience is the expensive value that is irreplaceable by anyone. You should be happy if having the strong patience in your life.

Today is still in the beginning of July. I still have two more classes to go this summer semester. I do not know why, summer classes are the toughest semester throughout the years. Perhaps because the classes are going so fast and the hot weather keep burn my skin every day. I thought, the sun burn around 10 or 11 am, but summer here in college station, at 7 am sun starts burning the earth. That is why every summer my skin seems whiter because I spend much time staying cool inside my apartment, hibernating like Orchids in winter time.

July, 2011 means I have 5 months to go until I finish my study in America. I just feel as if my study will not end. Being home together with my family right now is what I strongly want rather studying with lots of tasks. My friends have finished their studies and ready to be back hometown, and I feel like Bang Toyyib, staying long in one place not want to be home. No! No! I wish I could.. Again, Allah has set up anything for me in a right time. Even though I want to be home so bad; however, Allah see that in different perspectives.

This summer one of my friends, in the same campus and major, will graduate. I wish :(, but something out of my control occur to me. When getting a news from my friend that she passed the final exam to get a degree, my heart was crying out loud. One side, I am so happy to hear that, another side, that news like killing my soul. So what can I do? Nothing. Allah always says in Koran, being patience and pray is a solution. Allah, in fact, has kept something beautiful for me until one day I will get what I am supposed to get. Amin

9 July, 2011, 11:56 pm ( malam minggu bahkan :D)


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