Project of Cushing Library

21 March 2011

It is astonishing to be able to track  your own evolution- Who I was, and who I am becoming… Oprah

Everyday I always start the day with laziness. It seems I am trying to spend the day without doing nothing to wait the time to be back home town. However, since I am a student, I am always surrounded with a bunch of projects and reading assignments. Honestly, I am so bored with that kind of stuff. If Doraemon is still alive due to the earth quake in Japan recently, I will pay him to finish my homework :(.

Today(21 of March), I have an appointment with one staff who works in one library because I was doing the project about the history of that library. I have to gather as much as possible the information about that library. As usual, I went there with losing passionate and motivation, but this is a final project, and I have to do it. It is like the forceful assignment :(.

I came earlier before an appointment because I should have borrowed some books that peeling off about  the library. However, I like one thing about this project due to the fact that this library focused on rare collections which was collections around late 17 or 18 century. One word, it was amazing. I never thought this library could have preserved and remained the collections well until today.

When speaking with one staff detail about this library, I was becoming more amazed with all stuff that she showed for me, and she said the oldest collection was around 400o years ago. I was blown away and extremely overwhelmed. In addition, she showed all stuff including old printing machine in which letters arranged one by one, and also she brought me to storage books which store the rare materials neatly.

After interviewing that staff, I just realized I do love that project, I would love to know something new. It opened up my mind that rare collections is really important that displayed how smart the ancient people to build civilization with books that they created.

One thing that makes me sad, I am still dreaming, when this library will be in my home town 😦


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