Radio Announcer

Doing something monotonously is what most of people want to get rid of it from their life. Believe it or not!!! Your monotonous life  will kill your creativity, die your soul, or perhaps bury your style. Anybody has latitude to transform their life in any circumstances they want, and that transformation could be from boredom to happiness, from monotony to some active activities, or from one monotony to another monotony.  I and you probably will agree that life is about a choice, and we select what kind of life we want to rejoice ourselves. Furthermore, the activities that you choose could be anything you like or totally new. By this, you likely have a magnificent life with lots of challenging stuff that make your life more colorful and lively.

Honestly, I am such easily getting bored. I must find some sort of activities every single day. That is why when I was getting bored to death with teaching or stuff like that; I was trying to find something fresh and utterly novel.  Then Icompletely attempted a new trial to be a radio announcer at that time, and apparently I had never known this job before. At the first time to know it, I fell in love being a part of it. Obviously, being a radio announcer, I could express myself independently and enhance myself with lots of horizon, friends as well.

I have no idea where to be an announcer was coming from. I just tried to apply to be a radio announcer, and the manager of that radio said that I have a fabulous bass-voice, which is cool and captivating according to him. At first, I just worked at Antero news radio, which is fully of new information; moreover, I had no idea how to work there, my brain seemed rigid to connect with some activities down there. I was completely blind what to do. In addition, I might have been trained for 3 months to get used to any activities and some equipment in which I needed to know because the equipment was seemingly complex to operate. Three months was enough for me to be trained, and then I jumped to next step, which was being an assistant announcer. It means my task was operating equipment, and I did not still have a chance to be on air yet.

Then, my first on air was about 6 months after training. I was so excited, when my manager program told me you are good enough to have your own show. I did not know how to express myself at that time, and I was completely blown away. However, at the same time I also felt nervous because being announcer brought a huge responsibility. Besides I bring news to people I couldn’t make every single mistakes to the information that I have been informed.

As usual, at the premier of my on air, I was still not getting used to stuff out there. I was still stiff and old-fashioned on something, such as how to opening, when the music was supposed to be turned on, how to closing, and when the ad was supposed to be turned on. It was so overwhelming for real; I was shaking honestly. However, at the second chance I was getting used to it, and I felt more professional to what I have done.

What I got while working there besides entertainment were a bunch of buddies and knowledge. We had the same interest and purpose. In addition, hanging out and sharing ideas with friends was something I would love to do. I also had a chance to be a host for a certain show, such as health, teenager, and Saturday night talk show. Nearly one year working in news radio, and then  I was moving out to fully music radio, which called KONTIKI 102 fm. Obviously, different place working is absolutely having a different experience. In this radio, I obviously have been able to get more information about how the radio earned money to the program what they played, and I absolutely might have added more friends and experiences somehow.

Plus, I fully need creativity to be a good announcer; in fact, my task is not only bringing up news and music to listeners, but I should have been more creative to a program that can attract people to listen to me.

In brief, I truly understand that people always are attempting to find something new to make them not seems so boring  and tedious in their life. I probably could suggest, find it or try it something that not only makes you delight but also can add your knowledge.


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