A choice I made !!!

To find a good carrier in our life is not easy as we  thought. At least we might know our interest, our capability, and our passion on what area do we want to be expert on.  Some people might feel so overwhelming to choose their life carrier, because once they have chosen, they hardly alter to another one. Also, a wrong choice of carrier might influence our future life.  Being an educator, to teach and to transfer knowledge to students, is an astonishing carrier that I have chosen. I have never had a clear ambition as kids what I was supposed to be. This is perhaps what people call, like father like son.  I just follow my father’s track to be a teacher.

Talking about my father’s carrier, he was a teacher and principle in one of the famous private school in Banda Aceh. He has devoted himself to educate and help out people who wanted to go school but did not have much money . He educated people by teaching Arabic and Germany language, and occasionally he taught Islamic studies to freshman students. The most amazing thing being a son of my father was I could see the way he helped out people that was really sincere. Even thought he never realized what he has done, he always keeps doing that until he was retired from  a teacher exactly 8 years ago.

Well, what my father has done throughout his life carrier, and at least I should do the same thing. It doesn’t mean I want to fully imitate him. That is absolutely not true. I want to be myself, who is to be latitude what I really want to do by my own way.

Backing up a little bit to see my first carrier in educating people,  It seemed I did not know where that first was coming from; in addition, I did not know where the initial passion for me to teach because I did not have prior knowledge how to teach and  how to transfer the knowledge to my students. What I just remembered was when the first time my father offered me to teach in his school. At first, it was so freaking out to be a teacher without prior knacks before. I was thinking that If I did not want to start right away I have never known whether I was able to do or not. Then, I decided it to accept of my father’s offering.

As usual, to be a novice and newbie teacher was really not nice. Besides the students will make a fool of me in the first meeting, I will have a bunch of stuff I should have prepared  before class meeting. My feeling in the first experience was literally mixing up. Honestly, I was nervous, sweaty, and so much fear because my first impression, I could say, was failing. However, no matter what happened I just passed that day with mixed feeling. At the same time I felt so excited, but I should have struggled to teach them English where other teachers told that English subject what the most students really hated on it.

Ever since my father taught not only Arabic and Germany but also Japanese, he also have ever offered me to teach Japanese in many schools; furthermore, he told me that Japanese teachers in this town only him, and if you want, we were both as Japanese teachers, and will cover all schools in teaching Japanese in Banda Aceh. Again, I have never experienced with that language. I was so indifferent to learn other language instead of English. I did not know what first came up to my mind as my father told me about that. I just say I was ready but I needed to learn at least one or two years to master Japanese.

After 2 year spending the time for studying Japanese, I was ready to practice directly to the field which was the school what people believed as a wonderful school replete with smart students. I did not really care what people said, and I just wanted to try to teach Japanese after studying autodidact .  Ever since that day, I was like addicted to teach, and I was sanked on it while teaching students. Additionally, I mostly teach Japanese rather than English, just because there had been a highly requested in Japanese class at that time.

Well, I really love to be part of people who can help them in transmitting the knowledge . I love my job, and somehow I love what I am doing. It seems right now, my blood has flowed away together with my passion in teaching. I do love students. I never regret everything I have chosen, because in the end it makes who I am.


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