Everything happens for a reason!!!

There are too many stuff that I don’t truly understand regarding an enigma of this life. This life is as a huge mystery that needs to be revealed and delved, such as about death, marry partners, births, fortunes, carriers, and so forth. There are too many things have happened in my life, such as my mother ‘s death, carrier, and so on. I might not know why those things have happened in my life.  I just know that everything has happened for a reason, what are those reasons?

I have studied hard for schools, and day and night I devote my time to read and write a bunch of books. Also, I believe  I probably will get a good score in the end of semester. Then what happened was I did not get what I was supposed to get it, and my score even seemed so worse that I expected. I questioned that a lot, what was wrong with me. Why I did not get what I am supposed to get. I hate and lost so much motivation. I don’t really know what have happened to me. I just knew that has happened for a reason.

I lost my mom 5 years ago, I realized she passed away when I was not ready yet, I just really needed her affections and loves. She has gone, just as I literally realized she was a wonderful mom not only for me but for any body else. I lost a treasure and I lost a gold which I really needed to fulfill my life. At that time, I did not really know why this occurred to me. I just knew, this occurred for a reason.

When all my friends  still struggled to get a scholarship  for studying in America, Alhamdulillah I already get here in America. I did not why I am here now, and why is my purpose being in America. Honestly, I have never thought I would study in America for my master. I just know this has happened for a reason.

Those of my above experiences have showed us, we don’t really understand to what have happened to us. Do we have ever tried to hold everything not to happen? we probably we can not. Do we get everything that we have dreamt of? I don’t thing we get what we want. We are merely actors  who play our roles in this transient world, even to ourselves we don’t really understand who we are exactly. Apparently, all has happened for a reason, what are those reasons?

The reason is in you, no body knows what has happened to you expect yourself. Here, what Allah want to know  is you, and we supposedly think, why?Allah has given us a mind to think, analyze, and examine to our actions and thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Everything happens for a reason!!!

  1. selalu ada alasan di tiap episode kehidupan, temukan alasan itu biar menjadi hikmah untuk diri kita..

    keep spirit brader.. 🙂

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