Day 2- Tidal Wave 2004…-

Second day…-

…Waking up in the morning on the second day of disaster looked so different than normally, the sky was like crying to what have happened, the birds  like was afraid to flying away freedom  in the sky. The air looked so not fresh and most people were down in a state of uncertanty, the future that they knew so dark. Hopeless and tiresome were an obvious description about people at that time…-


On the second day, I decided to see my house with my friend, even though I had a feeling so bad that down there looked so horrible. I should come no matter what have happened out there; at least I knew a little bit what precisely occurred there. My friends already knew the situation where I lived but he did not say anything yet ‘til I got there to witness what exactly happen there. To get to my house we might have passed the road that still standing strongly and did not see any broken building due to the earthquake. When we arrived in the junction and 5 minutes away to my house I was getting another shocked in which completely had me almost blacked out. I saw a mountain of trashes, mud, death people on the road, the road was completely blocked with the trashes and definitely everything looked so awful. I could not even walk to reach my home.

With a lot of bravery, I had to get back home to see how it looked like, and to find out my brother and his wife. Honestly, it was a hard time in my life, when I stepped by step I passed that road to get home. Left and right were replete with of trashes and death people. And most of them looked so horrible, swollen, and bruises. Shocked, it was so shocking when passing my relative’s house, there were four decomposed people lying down swollen and lots of bruises, I could not even recognize who they were, and I finally took a short conclusion they were not my relative.

And then with the hard step I reach out my home. I saw my home like a spooky house which has been abandoned very long by the owner. In the wall, I saw the water-sign showed almost 3 meters and even people could swim they could not even save themselves because the huge trash could hit them anytime while swimming to save their life themselves. That is why lots of people died just because they swam with a million of trash.

I was like stuck, and could not step up to get in to the house because of the mud. Again, when getting closer to the door, I saw  two people exactly lying down in front of the patio, and still could not be recognized due to the swollen and bruise in their body. I just thought that was my brother died, but when coming in to home I still called my brother three times and nobody answered and then decided to go off from the home. I still could not believe to what I have seen. “Is this my home? And what is wrong with my city”, I questioned a lot.

And at the same time I met my neighbor and asking about my brother, and he literally did not see my brother. And also he said with wiping out his tears he lost 2 kids on that disaster, my heart could not stop to beat up as I heard the bad news every minute from people I knew. Finally, I decided to back up to my friend’s house immediately.

And my parent and the others family member still did not know actually what have happened in Banda Aceh, they were still in my sister’s house 2 hours away from Banda Aceh. And at the same day, I decided to back to my sister’s house to tell the other family member what exactly happened out there. They still could not believe when I was saying the exact circumstance out there.

 Eventually, at the third day we met with brother and his wife, he saved and ran out when tsunami came up. Fortunately, all my core family was still alive, even thought we had lost almost 50 relatives, they mostly stayed nearby the beach and could not rescue themselves when water coming up.


“What we have exactly what we don’t really have”

 We actually have nothing, we don’t bring anything when was born, and should be ready when suddenly Allah takes all away from us. Tsunami has showed us that human being is nothing, small and even very small; I don’t talk about human being individually, I talk about all human being  in this universe that over 5 billion people. We are pretty much like an ash on this universe. Have you ever think another creation beside earth that is a lot more than we thought???


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