Day 1- Tidal Wave 2004…

“I want to see myself grow through my writing cause I wanted to have a place to record my childhood and create something that I could look back”- Anne Frank

The idea to write about Tsunami and tidal wave just pop up lately after reading one quote from Anne Frank – one of a survivor from Holocaust in which had a total of death tolls around 6 million people. Apparently, the holocaust was a genocide – the deliberate murder of a whole group or race of people- of about 6 million of European Jews in World War II, and some authorities said that Nazi was a mastermind of that massive tragedy. The tragedy of holocaust is pretty much the same as Tsunami which ate out almost two hundreds thousands people in Indian Ocean, Sumatra, Indonesia.

Even though tsunami has less casualties but both of those huge tragedies became a history of us, and a history that always teach us about the past, and about how people had a hard time and struggled to be survivors. After reading about Holocaust and some sort of the survivors who wrote down into the diary regarding that tragedy, it has come up the idea for me to record the tidal wave too where I was as one of the survivor of that massive calamity. I might have a chance to tell somebody else that don’t really know about that disaster. I should –

First day…-

To story this disaster my mind need to be back up a little bit at 8 Am, Sunday 2004, and where my life has changed completely. As usual, every Sunday I actually spent my time very much with family, and I did not why at that time I woke up earlier than normally, I usually spent so indolent and slacked off in the bedroom every Sunday morning, but that day I woke up at 6 am for praying and then helped out my mother and sister to prepare breakfast. And then, 20 minutes later, I accompanied my father who was sick and doing treatment at time to walk out together in front of my sister’s house because at that moment I and my parent spent one week in my sister’s house which is 2 hours away from where my parents are supposed to live, which is in Banda Aceh.

Due to the fact my father was doing treatment after minor surgery in his leg, he needed to practice to walk every single day. While walking out to the road for treatment the quake started shaking. The tragedy already started. At first I thought that was a small tremor and very small one. And then the quake became so big and fast. Second by second, minute by minute, the shiver won’t stop and continue till we could not stand any longer due to the fact the quake become so worse and powerful. Anything looked so messy afterward; stuff and other things messed up anywhere.

It took 7 minutes when the quake stopping. And I initiate to call my brother together with his wife in Banda Aceh, as the quake was happening, both of them lived at parents’ house, in Banda Aceh. When I got a call from them they said nothing to be worried and everything went so good. Every 5 minutes I called to get the new news from Banda Aceh. At the third calling the service was off. And I was still thinking everything went so good in Banda Aceh.

At 6 pm, still on Sunday, I went back to Banda Aceh, because I had classes on Monday, I should have been back to Banda Aceh right away, and my parent still stayed in my sister’s house for a while. On the way back, which was taking 2 hours I did not get something a bad sign regarding the recently earthquake. I took public transportation on the way back, and all passengers at that bus felt the same as me, did not anything what has happening in Banda Aceh. Once I approached to where I lived, that was really making me shocked. There were innumerable people on the road tried to be away from Banda Aceh. Why all people went away from Banda Aceh, “ I questioned that in my mind, what was wrong with them all, and the raining was pouring down so bad and all people drove car, motorcycle, some ran collectively away from Banda Aceh.

And 5 minutes after that, I frantically saw thousand of death body nearby the bridge and some still floating in the river. I went so badly, and I could not stand anymore, my heart beaten so fast, and was thinking my brother and his wife in home. I completely did not know what happen to my city, my house and my brother, and a few minute latter suddenly heard from some people said that the place where I lived sank, and have sank up almost 3 meter and lots of houses disappeared and people died. Another man has told us the real story what the exactly happened to our city. At that time he was in the beach with family on Sunday vacation, and he told us that after the quake stopped, it was 10 minutes afterward; he saw a huge wave came out from the sea, and the wave was approximately reaching 15 meters up. He literally could not do anything but waiting for the wave hit him and his family, and then wave crawled out so fast, even for running it was not worthy. Ever since then, he lost anything, family, hope, and future. Luckily he survived and could swim to help out himself. What a sad story!!! It was a story from one survivor, if there were 200 thousand people who survived, it would be a thousand of stories about it.

I completely did know what to do in that circumstances; it seemed everything looked so awful and bleak. I could not even thing clearly where I should go. There, I heard people were crying, sad, hopeless, helpless, angry, and feeling became one package situation “dreadful”. Hearing the news about my house has sank out, it make me in a state where could not think anymore. In one side, I should thank to Allah because my parents and other family member was not there when disaster happened.

I did not know where to go, I eventually when to my friend’s house that I could reach out. Fortunately, their house was not affected due to that. I stayed at my friend house for one day, Darmawan. I still felt so worried about my brother and everything down there in my house, and did not know what to do afterward.


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