When a technology becomes a new god…

Now that I initially knew internet, my life utterly changed. I literally get hooked on face book, online shopping, chatting,  and any other stuff which fool around my time doing nothing on it, occasionally I just goof  around and ain’t anything for almost 2 hours in front of internet but chatting and facebooking with friends, and then in the end I left all my assignments and any other important things. It seems my life is so useless. What an in vain life? It seemed I cannot get rid of it. I am addicted; I am completely hypnotized by everything from technology. It is so obvious when everything becomes addicted, that is becoming a life style, and life style will cost so much money on it.

Laptop, iPod, phone cell, internet and whatever you name it always has two sides, positive and negative. In one side, those stuff makes your life much easier, you probably can get so much information from internet, you can pay your payment by mobile access banking, you probably could take online classes, or you can communicate with people across the countries. You most likely can check emails, play face books, play games, do business matters, and pay payments. In a nutshell, your life is much easier. Your life is just in one snap, and  you will get it. In other side, you will be addicted on this stuff, and could not be released anymore; it sticks on your life and won’t go.

I see this phenomenon has changed my life completely into the situation where I might not control my life anymore. People might have been obsessed with internet and including me as well. Don’t we think that that phenomenon has forgotten us from the religion and god? We have lost god after knowing and making friend with that crap of the technology. Internet becomes a new god when we are supposed to devote my time to Him, but we spend it to play game online. When we are supposed to recite Koran during Ramadan, but we happily spend our time face booking with friends, and when we are supposed to help out others, we get hooked on opening a bad site.

We should be vigilance, and should be aware of this circumstance. Indirectly, we have put ourselves to evil in order to control us, and to be god of him. Slowly but pretty much sure, if we don’t be aware right away, our life easily could be controlled by technology, and become a new god for us. When “a thing” becomes god for us, you will know that would be…


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