I Love People…

When you realize that human being is very unique and quirky, you probably will give a space to love meeting any assorted of people from different races, tribes, and countries. I’d like to spend so much time by knowing people from different backgrounds, purposes, interests, or maybe behavior as well. Stay a day with a writer, at least you know how to put ideas to writes, stay a day with a doctor, you probably know bit how to cure yourself. Even though you stay out with homeless, you at least know how lucky you are. With this, I am able to get some sorts of information and the value of life that I have never gotten before.

Apparently, the knowledge not only came from the books that we read every single  day out and life experiences as well, but also come from people surround us. People literally could inspire anybody else in any circumstances. No wonder every person has a wonderful knowledge and seemingly different each other. And probably people is the best creation that god has created in this world. The new people will give a new nuance with fabulous notions that we don’t expect before.

Don’t ever say no to meet with new people. You absolutely might get something that you probably might not get before. Even you meet a small baby that really don’t  understands you. It does not matter with whom you might hang out or talk to, the demon, the crook people, the rapist, the professor, or anyone you meet to. You will get gold from them. My friends told me that what you get from people become gold for you, the gold that you can sell in order to get a future life.

I have never thought having so many friends with American and others international people. These experiences have pretty much taught me a lot how the other people’s life and behavior. Apparently, human being is literally unequalled. If people today estimate 7 billions, and there are not any of them will be the same even those are twins. It was shocked me a little bit when you come across with the rules and lifestyle of American people. I apparently find out the weird and unusual things that I cannot find out in my culture. It is so obvious, the culture that perceived by people here could be a new realm to me and anybody that we are completely different each others.

To Appreciate yourself is a wonderful way how to be thankful what we have gotten. You are unique, you cannot be anybody else, and others cannot be you. You have so potential to be creative in a way you love, and so potential to change to world on your way.


4 thoughts on “I Love People…

  1. i love my style,.. and i agree with your statement about “the knowledge not only came from the books that we read every single day out and life experiences as well” cause i have do it.. ^_^

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