Father, another hero

Father is always  a number in a family. Again, it doesn’t mean we don’t love him, the way we show loves to everybody is completely different. The love that you give to mother is totally different from the love that you give to  father, and also the love that you give to somebody else. Perhaps father is always the second after mother for some people, but for me he is another hero and treasure in my life, losing him means losing another hope.

Maybe he is not so close with us, due to the fact that he has to work round the clock to earn so much money to his family; maybe he shows the ignorance at home, just because he is so worn out to understand about household stuff instead of thinking how to get a better education for his kids. When he turns out to be old, no body cares on him. Even thought out there he keeps fighting to find something to eat for his family, definitely keeps awake all night long attempting to find a way how to make their family fully of their necessary.

My father was a principal in a private school in small town. Nobody knows that he has physically struggled and profoundly sacrificed to build a magnificent family. He not only has helped out his family a bright future but also the people out there who have not had so much money that immediately need to be helped. Because he was an ex principal he wholly dedicated his life to educate and assist people. He helped deprived people who were so passionate to get education. The intention to help other can be seen from his enthusiasm in a way when he aids all people and loosen people’s problem. That is why it makes me so blissful to be his father.Definitely, he is not such a selfish person in this transient world by thinking and doing individually by his own, but also he tries to think the problem of the other people by helping as much as he can.

When he turns out to be old, anything looks so blur in his eyes, anything look so insipid when he is not strong enough to earn so much money to us, and when he is so weak to talk. Deep down inside I just want to hug him and wipe out his sweat, for real. I am from nothing being anything due to him. I am stupid being smart due to him. How could I can be away from the man that have ever taught me being a man.

In a time when he can not do anything to his family, I just want to cheer him up by doing that he has done to his family.


10 thoughts on “Father, another hero

  1. semoga kau bisa mencontoh pribadi baik ayahmu..
    ayah nomor dua setelah ibu, bukan berarti dia menjadi yang kedua.. tapi karena Islam menempatkan “ibu” sebagai sosok yang harus kita hormati 3x dibanding ayah..

    numpang lirik lagu nih, lagunya Yusuf Islam lagi “your mother”
    Who should I give my love to?
    My respect and my honor to
    Who should I pay good mind to?
    After Allah and Rasulullah
    Comes your mother
    Who next? Your mother
    Who next? Your mother
    And then your father

  2. yes man, father is another hero beside our mother.. sometime we don’t know when my father always support us.. thanks you father,. but i have story about the child that never gonna give up with him predestination :D,

  3. Ayah adalah seorang sosok yang tidak bisa tergantikan, begitu juga dengan ibu. Masing2 mempunyai peran tersendiri dan akan saling menutupi. Jadi ingat jasa ayahku, ketika masa2 sekolah dahulu, beliau yg kadang membuatkanku segelas susu atau teh ketika aku masih bergelut dengan tugas2 hingga tengah malam…dan saat ini adalah saat yg pas buat aku membalas kebaikannya… ketika beliau sedang berjuang melawan sakit kronis…maka support anak2nya adalah hal yg terpenting yg bisa menyemangati hidupnya kembali… thnx mas Iqbal, dengan artikel ini mengingatkan kembali pada kita semua tentang nilai seorang ayah…

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