Traveling for peace

The peace is coming up by willingness”

Whether traveling domestic or international is always so replete with fun and unexpected things, we definitely might get something fabulous things when arriving in one place that is totally different in everything with our place. Apparently, traveling is not just doing an expedition from one place to another place, yet I found out that traveling is a way how we could learn about people, culture, and place that books could not provide it, or this could be a peace champagne to unite people in this world.

Traveling, trip, journey, or whatever you name it is always so fascinating, when you could learn newly everything about new people and  new place. We definitely interact directly with people, culture that all so much time we have talked about them by books or searching on net, but when we could intermingle directly with them is so magnificent. We could not only learn about their community but also how everything goes in their community. This might have a chance in order to learn that we don’t get apparently in our culture. Don’t you think it so cool when we could have opportunity to learn about other people?

Every of school-break time, I and all Indonesian friends occasionally spend the road trip to visit states close by. This winter break we broke a new record when we goofed off to nearly 16 states, some states we stayed and the other we just passed by. We did the trip from Texas up to Chicago which is about 15 hours, such as a long way to go but so worthwhile eventually, just because every states offers their own beauty to captivate the people to visit their place. Cincinnati is one the example, one of the city in Ohio state is so gorgeous with hilly and surrounding with skyscrapers everywhere. The city which is border with Kentucky also is fully of snow every winter season approaching. And precisely when arriving there, the city is coated by white that was so thrilled for me due to the fact that I am not so familiar with snow.

Every place you tread on, you not only give a virus of peace but also you might have a chance to add up your knowledge about societies, places and cultures. The more often you travel off  around the world, the more your mind is so opened. At least, you are not feeling so ethnocentric, when you always feel that your country is superior to others. Or at least you feel that this world is replete with diversity, but all has one purpose, PEACE.


7 thoughts on “Traveling for peace

  1. Ah, saya suka kalimat penutupnya Mas, menyentuh. Memang kita beragam tapi satu tujuan. Jadi ingat bineka tunggal ika 😀

    *Banner Bloofers pasang jangan lupa ya 😀

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