“Snow is always white When white give me an uncontaminated
thought” When a thought is just a saint Being alone is the hardest
part in someone’s life. It seems as if nobody wants to make a
friend with you, and you perhaps look outcast in the community. I
seemingly just don’t want to be alone all the time even I do that a
lot In America. It doesn’t mean I don’t have many buddies here, yet
when being alone I might have a chance to express myself and to be
what I want to be and to do what I want to do. Celebration is a
time when you could be always remaining together with people who
really love you, no matter how bad you are and what you have done
to people surround you, your family might be always in there when
you really need them. This perhaps a time I am always waiting
for. Celebration like a birthday is always a best to time to hang
out, eat out, and share so many ideas with friends. This might give
you to know how far your friends so close with you. I don’t know
why family is still a cliché reason why I want to celebrate my
special day with them. I don’t really need to write what is the
reason to make them special to me, you probably feel so special too
to them the same what I feel every single day. When I am obviously
away from them, I do feel something missing in my life. When I am
close, I completely oblivious that they are not only give a love
but also tranquility in my entire life. This time I commemorate my
birthday with something that unusual; there are so many
extraordinary things that definitely color my birthday. I do not
know how to explain my feeling. In the day when my age turn out so
old, there is nothing I could do but being blessed and thankful to
god who just bestow me a chance to get what I dream of, to get what
I need to, and to get what I should do. The simple wish on my
birthday is given a chance to revolutionize the world by my own way
and to help out people who really need. I do believe that the world
would not change if we do not change it. That is why I always
campaign to myself “give even small”. Small means a lot when people
really need it. This is what I call a white birthday, just not
because that day the snow fall down from the sky, but also I
definitely want to be a white heart with a white hope in order to
change the world. 


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