White Winter Break

Hang around and calm down a little bit is a brilliant idea. After fighting with books, readings, presentations, papers and stuff like that, I should deserve like an excursion or something to release  freaking hectic schedules which have been haunting me for almost 5 months. Thanks god, finally I could sniff  the winter break, it is so close by with me. It seems as if he is trying to whisper me about a wonderful place that we should visit. Obviously winter is all about cold, chilly, and snow. Wherever you go you apparently bump into the chilly, windy, and cloudy day, kinda hard at first for people who are not accustomed  to it. Personally,  my entire body is so fragile to put so much stuff in that situation. Just as what I feel now, minus 10 is the most extreme temperature I have ever felt. It seems as if the wind stabs me tenderly with their power, and I could not believe people who reside in the north with lots to do with freezing and cold.

Maybe this is what we call the consequences and challenges. The consequences of living in America is absolutely cold, yet i should be blessed because the town where I stay in a little bit in down south is warm when at the same time in other people in other states coat as well as fight cold and flurry, and the challenges is when you have a chance to force yourself, out of comfort zone, and being a challenging person by doing something that nobody done before. We can force to stay any longer than as usual, push the limit is what one of my friends said.

Hang out with daft guys have always so much fun. Besides you are always pleased, as well as you definitely could not be bored during the trip. This time, four of Indonesian guys  try to make  difficult and ridiculous road trip around northeastern of USA. What we have is just bravery and bit money, and when people try to avoid that place due to the snow storm ( blizzard), we might decide to travel over there. Don’t you think we are such  crazy guys?


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